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Custom Sprinter Camper Vans


Rhino is a demo van built as a custom 4x4 Chevy camper van. It received a more "old-school" interior, complete with wood trim. Rhino illustrates some of our design ideas, including solar, larger water tank, shower, outdoor eating and cooking and more.


From the outset, Rhino was intended to be driven off road for long periods of time. To facilitate being off-grid, solar was an integral part of the design. With two 130w solar panels and two Trojan T-105 batteries, Rhino could keep the refrigerator, lights and laptop computers running indefinitely provided there was sun out each day.

In addition to the solar, Rhino was outfitted with an extreme stereo system and DVD head unit. The DVD head unit also doubles as a backup camera, important both in the city and on tight trails.


Rhino takes a different approach to living than other vans. The whole intent behind Rhino was to get people outside. Isn't that why we all go camping in the first place. To facilitate being outside, Rhino was equipped with an oak sleeping platform on top. If it's nice out, why not enjoy camping under the stars on top of the van?

Cooking duties are also taken care of outside the van. While you can cook inside if the weather is poor, the idea is to be outside with more room for cooking. A tailgate system was built into the rear cargo area of Rhino to operate as a cooking platform. A rear faucet was also placed above the cooking platform for fresh water.

For cleaning up after a hard day of climbing, cycling or surfing, an external shower was available in the back of Rhino. With 30 gallons of water, you can cook, clean, shower and still spend days without refilling.


In addition to the retro styling, Rhino had comfort as a top priority. Leather Recaro seats were fitted in place of the original Chevy bucket seats. Matching leather upholstery was used on the rear sofa, which also folded down to make the rear bed. To get a quiet ride in an old van like this, the entire body of Rhino was covered with sound deadening materials. The utmost care in crafting the interior of Rhino resulted in a quiet ride with no squeaks and rattles.

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