Hybrid Motorhome

We believe we've produced the most efficient motorhome on the market today.

Price: $385,000


Plug-in Hybrid

Our plug-in hybrid electric system provides the truck with an extra 56hp for more efficient launching and hills. On average, Craftsman Coaches motorhomes will achieve 25% better fuel economy (mpg) than a similar truck without the hybrid system.


Solar Array

Our solar array is massive - much larger than you've seen on an RV. We have a total of 4,800 watts available solar when both solar awnings are deployed. Yes, there are awnings on each side of the RV, and each awning has 1,200 watts of solar. When the awnings are not deployed (e.g. driving down the road), there is still a huge 1,800 watts of solar available.


Medium duty truck

Our motorhome is based on the Kenworth K270 medium duty truck. This isn't your standard Ford, Dodge or Chevy truck. These medium duty trucks are made to go the distance, and have long maintenance intervals. Kenworth K270's offer the following features:

  • Reliable and powerful Cummins 6.7l ISB engine
  • Electronic locking rear differential
  • Standard 22.5" truck wheels and tires
  • Cruise control
  • Power windows and door locks


Battery Bank

The battery bank in our motorhome is gigantic. It will run the air conditioner for days with no sunlight. It doesn't even blink at the convection oven running. At 28kWhr's, it's the largest battery bank on the market. And it's tied in to our programmable auto-start, so if you do manage to run the battery down, the truck engine will start and can charge the battery to 100% in an hour. This battery bank provides up to 6kw's power to the coach for running systems like the convection microwave oven, air conditioners, hot water heaters, and other electronics. We also provide a 240vac and 120vac outlet for your power tools.



We warrant our work for five years from date of purchase and unlimited mileage. We offer troubleshooting/support for the lifetime of the vehicle. If you should encounter a problem with any of our workmanship, we will even come to you to fix it (within the continental USA) if it can’t be solved over the phone or Facetime/Skype. This warranty is fully transferrable to future owners of the vehicle as well.


Other Features

  • Diesel fueled radiant floor heat
  • 120 gallons freshwater w/ pump & filtration system
  • Electric on-demand hot water in addition to diesel fueled hot water
  • Induction cooktop
  • 4 way IP camera system
  • Isotherm marine refrigerator
  • Cellular router & booster
  • R17 walls and R32 ceiling/floor
  • Air conditioning that runs off batteries
  • Safe
  • Marine grade PEX and electronic components
  • High end 4k monitor and stereo
  • Hydraulic leveling jacks
  • Blackout insulating curtains
  • Large pass-thru garage for storing mountain and road bikes, crashpads, skis, backpacks and other large items


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Customer Service

These are some of our core values. At Craftsman Coaches, Inc., we believe in producing motorhomes that stand the test of time, and push the technology forward into more efficient, higher quality adventure vehicles.

Craftsman Coaches, Inc. was incorporated in 2016 on the back of Sam's prior company, Craftsman Vans. Craftsman Coaches, Inc. uses the skills, knowledge and brand from Craftsman Vans to build the most efficient motorhome on the market.

We're awesome!

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